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To order dish in Azerbaijan.

Our employees were trained in South Korea. There they gained a lot of useful knowledge in the field of making paper dishes. All our products have Russian certificates and are recommended by doctors for use in the food industry. We often supply dishes and glasses for Azerbaijan. We have many clients all over Belarus. This market is steadily gaining momentum. And we occupy a good position on it.



All our products are made of high quality durable cardboard. The outer side is necessarily laminated. Thus, it is possible to avoid soaking of the material during the use of the drink. Such disposable cups for tea or coffee are in great demand in Azerbaijan. If there is no lamination, the resulting condensation from the hot drink will immediately begin to soak the paper. The outside can be decorated with a festive pattern or your own brand.

Paper tableware in Azerbaijan has no glue. Now a completely different technology of docking paper parts is popular. To collect the dishes and give it the right shape, uses modern equipment and the latest technology. All the work can be done without a single drop of glue. In this case, the final product is obtained as durable and resistant to hot drinks. Such paper cups for tea will become indispensable in Azerbaijan.



If buying disposable tableware in Azerbaijan is hampered by doubts, it is worth considering some of its advantages:

1. Absolute safety for human health.

2. Convenient operation.

3. Full hygiene is observed.

4. Versatility (can be used for both hot and cold drinks).

5. Our products do not harm the environment.


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