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Logo on tableware branding

According to statistics, cafe customers, participants in holidays, parties look at their disposable tableware with a logo for an average of 30 minutes. During this time, not only the taste of drinks, hot, cold dishes is imprinted in the memory, but also the name of the cafe, advertising text, image elements. All this together becomes parts of one puzzle, which forms the customer’s attachment to the brand, respect, tradition. A reliable partner of any company interested in developing of its business has been the company “Art-Land” for many years. The company produces paper products for serving food and drinks, food storage, develops a layout of logos and images for its partners, and prints.

The technology of placing logos on dishes.




In the manufacture of glasses with logos several technologies are used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, before you start printing, you need to perform several steps:

• Art-Land clients, with the help of the company specialists, formulate a technical task indicating the purpose of the order, the expected result, the planned print run;

• based on the Technical Task, the designer prepares a mockup of the image, coordinates it with the customer. If there is a finished sketch, the details are specified;

• after approval of the design, printing is carried out.

Branding of coffee glasses is carried out by tampo printing, offset and flexo printing. For tampo printing, ink is applied using a specially prepared swab. The disadvantage of this method is the usage of no more than two colors, the limited size of the applied image.

Flexo printing allows you to apply a logo, drawing on the entire surface of a paper cup. Using this method, you can print a multi-color image. The basis of the applied image is a matrix prepared according to an agreed sketch. This method is used only if you order a large edition of glasses with a logo. Another drawback is that it is impossible to achieve a soft transition between colors.

The best way of branding is offset printing. Special cylinders are used to transfer the color to the surface. They allow you to avoid the spreading of paints, to obtain high definition and quality of the picture, provide a smooth transition of tones, halftones. The drawing from the layout is transferred to special sheets, and then to paper plates, salad bowls, and other types of products for serving food and drinks.

How does the drawing on paper utensils work?



Branding of disposable tableware is not just a process of applying an image, the name of an office, or creating a mood among visitors. Properly organized, it is an important part of an advertising campaign. This is due to the following factors:

• huge target audience, not limited to the place where food and drinks are sold in disposable plates, cups with a logo. Containers with salad, ice-cream bowls are ordered at the office for festive events. Trays of fruits, vegetables travel to different regions and even countries. Cups for coffee with a logo, mugs of tea can be seen by a casual passerby. The audience includes people of different ages, social status;

• universality. Disposable cups with a logo are used everywhere;

• freedom of choice of material. Branding of cups, corrugated trays, plates, bowls is made on the surface of any type;

• the part of the image of the company;

• the ability to create various images related to holidays, events. At the same time, the brand’s characteristic features are retained.

Disposable tableware with a logo applied to it turns into a part of the overall corporate look, serves as a souvenir, demonstrates quality, reliability, welfare.

Buying tableware with a logo.



The company “Art-Land” produces custom-made disposable paper products in accordance with the requirements of customers. As a manufacturer, the company fully controls the manufacturing process, branding. This allows you to achieve high quality at low cost.

Additional factors determining the price of cups, salad bowls, plates with logo printing are:

• if you buy them wholesale, they will cost less. Ordering edition is one of the key factors in pricing;

• the number of colors that are applied to the item;

• the complexity of the reproduced logo or image.

The price of dishes with a logo on order is calculated individually.

Branding paper cups is a great opportunity to attract new customers and keep old ones. A wide coverage, low costs compared to other types of advertising allow you to promote your brand every day, change, attract attention.


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