Картон и бумага.

Properties of paper and its application.

Modern achievements in the field of development of technologies of production of this material and various products on its basis solve many important tasks in life and many production spheres. The use of one or another of its type is directly dependent on the characteristics of the specific tasks performed. The raw material for its production is wood of various species (coniferous and deciduous), stems, leaves, seeds of plants, which determines its strength, quality and purpose.

The main characteristics of products created on the basis of this material are the following indicators: density, thickness, surface smoothness, transparency, degree of moisture absorption, optical data (gloss, color), resistance to fracture, the degree of increase in length (extensibility). Also important are the chemical characteristics, the ability to react with other elements when exposed to temperature and moisture. It should be noted that unlike other types of materials, it does not emit harmful substances due to their absence in the composition and guarantees the environmental safety of its use.

To date, there are the most popular types of paper: printing, dense packaging (or cardboard) and used for the manufacture of dishes. Each of the specific types has specific characteristics that allow them to be used for their intended purpose. It is not recommended, for example, use in the food industry, not intended for this purpose. Usually when selling indicate the weight and area (in square meters).

Polygraphy. The basis used in printing must comply with the established standards, which provides favorable conditions for working with it. This type is characterized by high strength, appropriate fiber structure (for ease of drawing, printing). Characteristics such as tear resistance, density, moisture resistance are strictly observed.

At insufficient quality there is a threat of rupture of a material at the unexpected moment of time, and also unfitness of use of it on appointment. Important is the uniformity of the location of the fibers, which allows you to stretch, as well as eliminates the violation of aesthetic appeal.

Packaging board. The wide spread of packaging cardboard products (all kinds of packaging) is caused by convenience simplicity and a wide range of applications, low weight and other features. There is such a variety of containers, such as corrugated cardboard and dense. The first option has a three-layer design: two outer layers and one (wavy) intermediate. This method of creating packaging boxes allows you to ensure tightness during transportation of goods. The second version of the container also has ease and convenience during operation, the packaging surface is often present advertising texts, pictures and logos.

Cardboard for the manufacture of utensils.

The advantage of paper containers (trays, glasses, etc.) include environmental safety for human health. The production of plates and cups is a very simple and affordable process. Once consumed, they are easily disposed of. A distinctive feature of the glasses is not the ability to emit odor and harmful vapors when pouring hot drinks.

Such kitchen utensils do not contain chlorine and other dangerous chemical compounds. Since it is disposable, there is no danger of infection with viruses in catering establishments. The rules of its manufacture are based on GOST, which is associated with the scope of use.

When choosing a certain sample of paper, you should pay attention to the important characteristics on which the quality of the finished product will depend. For a particular species, there are certain norms that must be observed. Good packaging, printing products should have a certain density, transparency, resistance to temperature and moisture, surface uniformity.

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