Упаковка пельмений.

Here are the dumplings in a paper Cup!

Not so long ago, a new type of packaging appeared on the Russian market of packaging products – cardboard containers coated with heat-resistant material. Produce this container for instant dumplings (freeze-dried product) from a special cellulose cardboard in the form of a stylized glass, with a capacity of 300 ml. the Peculiarity of this container is the ability to cook food directly in it, which is enough to fill the contents of the glass with water, and send for 5-6 minutes in the microwave.

At the enterprises engaged in the production of this “popularly beloved product”, conveyor production lines are installed, equipped with a special device, so that the finished (small size, up to 20 PCs.) dumplings are Packed in paper cups in the factory. This method guarantees complete tightness of the contents, maximum protection against ingestion of pathogenic bacteria. Packaging products are produced on modern equipment of the last generation by perfect technologies. Production of packaging products is a waste-free production, as waste is used as a secondary raw material for the manufacture of paper.

The cardboard container is the most environmentally friendly safe to the health of consumers and the environment Tara. When heated, food cardboard container does not emit harmful substances, all products have been certified, meets the sanitary and hygienic standards required for food packaging. In addition, the thermo cups are very easy to dispose of, without harming nature and the atmosphere. A special combination material used in the production process is a high-quality cellulose cardboard, three-layer structure, which does not contain chlorine and polyethylene, which are dangerous for food. Each layer, of which the “food paper packaging” consists, has its own structure of purpose – internal coated (bleached cellulose), external, made of pure cellulose and filler, which has the largest thickness, thanks to which the rigidity, strength, moisture resistance of the cardboard Cup is provided.

High-quality paper is highly resistant to mechanical damage, including punching, puncture and delamination. And since these products are designed to store frozen products on the shelves of the freezer, the packaging for products made of cardboard of this type is still highly resistant to low temperatures. To frozen in a special way dumplings quick cooking can be cooked in a microwave oven, dumplings paper packaging is made fat-and moisture-proof with a sealed lid.

Containers made of cellulose cardboard are completely non-toxic (this applies to raw materials, finished products, waste), the production is organized in such a way that it does not have harmful and environmentally hazardous effluents, technological equipment is equipped with protection systems, so it is characterized by no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. As a rule, paper packaging for dumplings after use easily decomposes in the air under the influence of precipitation, like any paper.

Containers for storage and preparation of semi-finished dumplings are in great demand, due to both the quality of the actual content and packaging material, they take up little space in the refrigerator, perfectly retain heat, so cooked dumplings remain hot for a long time.

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