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Disposable single-layer cups


Single-layer paper cups are used for:

• hot drinks. A feature of the production of such paper cups is the application of a thin film on the inner surface. It prevents the quick cooling of coffee or tea;

• cold drinks. In glasses of paper, you can order soda, fresh, add ice on a hot summer day. At the same time, they will not get wet from condensation, will not lose their shape — the plastic film applied inside and out protects from this.



Two-layer paper cups


Among other advantages of two-layer disposable cups:

• prevent the risk of burns from hot drinks;

• • the possibility of applying SoftTouch varnish;

• have a more stable shape due to two layers of cardboard.






Hot stamping paper cups


Design developments are also easy to achieve in stamped cups. Their splendor is in a raised surface. Relief stamping is applied to various parts. Cardboard cups for conveying — a great opportunity to create your own style, image, highlight logo. It is pleasant to hold disposable cups with relief stamping in hand — they do not burn. They are not ashamed to present at an official event. In such cardboard cups you can sell coffee and tea, use for cold drinks. Stamped cardboard cups are suitable for microwave ovens.


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