История посуды.

Dishes – historical reference.

The first dishes appeared in human life quite a long time ago, about 7 thousand years ago. It was quite primitive, with an uneven, rough surface, and as a material for its manufacture used clay and ceramics. All products were made first by hand, and later on pottery machines. For the greatest strength in simple clay added other substances that made it more durable and stronger, and the appearance is much more attractive.

The first table item was a dish. Ordinary people could afford such a device made of clay, wood, tin and glass, and the rich indulged in silver, ceramic products. Russian traditional cuisine from time immemorial was famous for a variety of soups, porridges, chowder and many other dishes, for which the most convenient was a bowl. It was used along with clay pots for a long time, and it differed in very large sizes. From one bowl could slurp soup the whole family.

For cooking served clay pot. This vessel became a distant ancestor of today’s pots and tureens. It was prepared hot meals, and keep a variety of cereals, oil and flour. One of the most recent household utensils is considered a plate. Scientists say that the word was borrowed from the German “Thaler”. And indeed, the current plate in the old days was called Thaler and torel. The homeland of these Cutlery is considered to be France, but they differed from modern ones in that they had a quadrangular shape. It is interesting that in Ancient Russia instead of it used big slices of bread in which laid meat, fish and other side dishes. After the meal, they were given to beggars or Pets.

Modern kitchen utensils are very different from the old and is divided, as a rule, on the dining room, tea and dessert. For the first of them, materials such as porcelain, glass and earthenware are used. It is very beautiful and durable. In holidays and solemn events on the table adopted questioning appliances from crystal, this is considered a sign of good tone and material prosperity.

Today, the consumer is offered a large selection of all kinds of products of different colors and materials, and their design resembles a work of art. Even wooden jugs, cups and spoons are very popular if they are decorated with Gorodets, Khokhloma, Gzhel and other types of painting. There is an opinion that objects made of wood attract positive energy and repel negative. Porcelain sets are very often used as gifts. They are made in different colors and delight the eye with their beauty and elegance.

The most demanding in the care of glass glasses, stacks, glasses, glasses and cups, which create a feeling of lightness and lightness. Metal pots, cups, ladles and bowls can be seen in every kitchen. Dishes in them are prepared quickly and do not burn, but at the same time cool down for a long time. Disposable paper cups are very practical and indispensable in the case when it is not possible to use conventional. They are harmless and non-toxic, while easily disposed of.

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