Достоинство посуды.

Advantages of disposable paper tableware!

In recent years, the world has created a lot of useful things that seem quite familiar today, they can include disposable tableware. In fact, the first paper cups were made almost a hundred years ago, but despite the relative simplicity of the technology, it took a long time before such utensils gained current popularity. Of course, this was influenced by the range that can be seen today-plates of different types and sizes, glasses for drinks and popcorn, boxes for storing food. The only question that remains unresolved so far is the choice between paper and plastic, distributed approximately equally. And if recently it seemed that plastic is the undisputed leader in the race of materials, which were not very happy with medical professionals, now the unique qualities that paper packaging has become visible.

First of all, we can note the high environmental friendliness of the material used. The problem of recycling polymers, primarily cellophane and plastic, is still not solved, especially remembering the long period of decomposition of these materials. Paper products are quickly destroyed in natural conditions, under the influence of moisture or combustion, and is also recyclable.

The convenience of such containers is also not in doubt. They are suitable for all types of drinks or dishes-cold, hot, just enough to make a Cup and a thick cardboard-and it is convenient to drink hot tea or coffee without burning your hands. When heated, the paper does not emit absolutely no harmful substances that adversely affect health. And here it will be appropriate to compare with plastic, which is toxic in both hot and cold, and even more this problem is exacerbated by the purchase of cheap, thin sets, with an unclear composition of the material. It is also very convenient that the cardboard container can not be washed, it will become unusable – this will completely eliminate its reuse.

An important quality is the versatility in its field of application. It is now widely used in many cafes and restaurants, primarily fast food, when organizing exhibitions and presentations, when you need to quickly organize a coffee break, when traveling to nature. Naturally, catering companies and home and office delivery services also use paper containers. If you compare disposable with ceramic, it should be noted the practicality of such products: they can not break, and it is sometimes very useful. The set of accessories that can be made of paper today is limited to spoons, forks and knives, which continue to be made of plastic because of the required rigidity.

Disposable paper tableware provides the widest opportunities for designers. On such material it is possible to execute any complexity and color scale drawing, the text, a logo of the company which will not be erased at use, and will not allocate any toxic substances. Images most often carry advertising meaning for the promotion of the company and its services. These drawings will be in any case noticeable, and will help to convey to a wide audience the necessary information.

For the manufacture of paper containers is a special paper, laminated or covered with foil. The coating can be present either on one side, which is suitable for cold foods, or both, for drinks and hot dishes. Not many companies are engaged in the production of such packaging in our country today, because a significant part of the market still belongs to imported products. However, today our company is increasing production, which will certainly be beneficial to customers.

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    Достоинство посуды.

    Advantages of disposable paper tableware!

    In recent years, the world has created a lot of useful...


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