Стаканчик для мороженого.

Paper ice cream Cup.

In disposable cups for ice cream lives the taste of Sunny summer, juicy fruits, the viscosity of chocolate, the aroma of vanilla, cinnamon.  Bright, colorful, they serve as convenient utensils, a means for advertising products and services of cafes, restaurants, factories for the production of desserts.

Advantages of paper cups.

For serving ice cream used a variety of dishes. Owners of cafes, restaurants usually choose for dessert, including ice cream, glass glasses. They are safe for health, do not spoil the taste. However, the need to constantly wash them, the risk of breaking leads to the fact that more and more institutions are moving to the use of disposable tableware made of paper.

This trend is related to the advantages of paper cups:

  • they are convenient to use for ice cream takeaway. They are lightweight, compact, take up little space;
  • ecological compatibility. Only natural raw materials are used in the manufacture. Excludes glue, toxic components. Such products are not injurious to health or to the environment. It is easily disposed of after use. Does not change the taste of dessert;
  • high quality. Cups meet quality standards, sanitary and hygienic requirements;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • usability. A paper Cup with ice cream can not be broken, it is conveniently placed in the hand, the outer surface remains warm enough.

Reliable packaging is used for storage and transportation of products. It prevents damage and deformation of paper cups intended for ice cream.

Packaging branding.

Ice cream cups with a pattern, inscriptions, logo – an excellent means of advertising. Bright, high-quality images, product information, funny phrases and comics attract the attention of those who enjoy dessert as well as those who pass by.

The design can be different, but it is important that it fits into the overall style of the company, remembered. Modern technologies allow you to use different colors, apply a variety of drawings, including embossing technology.

Application of ice cream packaging.

Paper cups are used to sell ice cream in cafeterias, fast foods, movies, various fairs. Often such containers are offered when selling dessert to take away.

Ice cream in paper dishes is sold in shops, specialized kiosks. Use such a container can be for packaging sweets during field events, holidays.

How to buy ice cream cups?

You can buy cremans wholesale and retail. When purchasing a large number of discounts and special payment terms are provided. The order is placed on standard products or dishes made by individual design.

On the page of the company there is a full catalog of products. Order it directly on the site, or discuss the details with sales managers. Delivery is carried out in any region of the country. Pickup option is available.

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