Стаканчики для вендинга.

Paper cups for vending machines.

Modern man is constantly running somewhere. Sometimes in this crazy rush there is no time to sit in silence, enjoy the taste of fragrant coffee, hot chocolate or delicious tea. According to the rhythm of modern life, on the streets of cities and towns appeared vending machines for drinks. To use them, you do not need to carry dishes with you, each of them is loaded with paper vending cups. Favorite drink now no need to cook or wait in the cafe, just on the way to work to press the button and get what you want.

Paper cups for vending machines.

Disposable tableware used in automatic machines must have certain properties, meet sanitary and hygienic requirements. Cleanliness, the absence of harmful components that can harm human health and the environment are just some of them.

Among other characteristics that make disposable cups suitable for coffee machines, it is worth highlighting the following:
• the volume of a Cup of coffee or tea corresponds to the usual portion of a hot drink. They are convenient to drink. They are comfortable to hold in your hand;
• the presence of a thin film on the inner surface. The coating prevents rapid cooling of coffee or tea, at the same time protects the person who took the glass from burning;
• high-quality exterior coating. It allows you to quickly separate the dishes from each other, prevents electrification, breakdown vending machine;
• high strength. Quality, manufacturing technology of paper cups for vending prevents deformation of them during the issuance of the machine;
• create your own design. Includes the ability to apply a logo, inscriptions, images;
• use in the manufacture of disposable cups only natural materials. As a result, the taste of drinks is completely preserved, there is no extraneous aftertaste.

Confirmation of the quality of vending cups.

Paper cups for vending, produced by LLC “Art-land”, meet the quality standards established in Russia. All products are certified.
High quality and possibility of use is confirmed by experts from different countries. The products can be supplied to THE EurAsEC customs Union States-Belarus and Kazakhstan and freely used on their territory.

How to buy vending cups?

On the company’s website there is a full catalog of products for vending. After reading it, you can place an order directly on the website, or by calling sales managers. Questions about the quality, nomenclature of cups for coffee machines can also be asked by e-mail or using a special form. Payment for products is carried out in a convenient way for buyers. Delivery is made by the transport company to any point of Russia, pickup is possible. In addition to paper cups, sticks for stirring are supplied for vending machines.

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    Стаканчики для вендинга.

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