Стакан для кофе.

Paper cups for coffee.

Paper cups with coffee for many have become a symbol of life, a new day, success, readiness for achievements, victories. In a bowl of cardboard drink bought at gas stations, cafes, cafeterias. It is used at business meetings, birthdays. Fashion for high quality, purity, safety, beautiful design has turned the drink in paper disposable tableware into a lifestyle.

Little history…

However, it was not always so.  Until the end of 19 digits in institutions nutrition used only glass tableware. The idea of using paper to make cups for coffee, tea, and other beverages appeared in the United States. In the beginning they were used in automatic machines for bottling soda, water. It was a way to stop an epidemic of infectious diseases. In the future, the popularity of paper tableware grew, it was used in cafes, schools, cinemas, on airplanes.

Today without it life of the inhabitant of the modern megalopolis is inconceivable. The production of coffee cups has become an opportunity to supply the market with a convenient and stylish product.

Advantages of paper cups. Paper tableware is used for coffee, cold and hot drinks. It is environmentally friendly, meets sanitary requirements. For its manufacture, only those materials that are safe for human life and health are used.

But not only because of the high quality, visitors to cafeterias and food establishments are ready to buy coffee only in cardboard cups. For many, other benefits play an important role:

  • drink in such a bowl remains warm. Coffee glasses are made of double paper, the inside covered with a thin film. This structure avoids burns-the surface is not heated;
  • the outer side is not smooth, does not slip in the hand. Thanks to this, the coffee drink does not slip out, it can be carried to the destination in one piece;
  • the material used for the manufacture of dishes, has no smell, does not spoil the taste and aroma of coffee, which is so appreciated by fans of this drink;
  • additional accessories are available for disposable coffee cups. Dishes with a lid, special handles serve as an additional means of safety.

Own style.

Taking care of their brand and trying to create a mood among customers, companies often use glasses with a corporate pattern. Coffee in them becomes not just a drink with an amazing, bright taste. It becomes a tradition, gives rise to the desire to meet with friends, enjoy a free minute, have fun. Once experienced a wonderful taste, cafe visitors will want to feel it again, bring their friends and family.

Depending on the preferences of food establishments, event organizers, dishes in the manufacturing process are painted in the corporate style, put stylish drawings, information about the company. So cups of coffee with the logo become a full participant in advertising campaigns.

Wide choice.

Manufacturers of disposable coffee cups offer a wide range of models:

  • the size varies from 100 to 300 ml;
  • the structure and purpose differ in single and double layer;
  • additional accessories include special handles, cuffs, caps. With them cups of coffee becomes more unusual;
  • for the manufacture of various types of cardboard – smooth, corrugated.


Another advantage of paper cups for coffee – the price. Buying them in bulk, you can get a high-quality product and at the same time reduce the cost. In the future, these two factors-low price and high quality will withstand any competition in the market and make a profit.

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