Бумажная упаковка.

Paper packaging-stylish, practical!

Recently, the environmental indicators are considered to be a priority in the production of packaging for food products. That is why paper, as a raw material for the production of disposable tableware, again drew close attention and representatives of the food industry, and the organizers of public catering, and advertisers. In fact, paper, unlike any plastic, is made only from natural materials, has a sufficiently low thermal conductivity, so as not to get burned, for example, taking a Cup of hot coffee from a vending machine, does not emit harmful substances when heated, is disposed of without harmful effects on the environment. In addition, the cardboard container is the ability to place any advertising and information on it very cheaply and very effectively.

Why are disposable paper drew attention, the question may arise from the user. Few people know that the disposable Cup in the past 2010 was exactly one hundred years old. It was patented in Kansas, USA, and soon after that disposable plates, trays, and cardboard containers appeared on the market. In the second half of the 20th century, with the introduction of polymer materials, such packaging briefly lost its relevance. In order to be reborn again with the understanding of humanity of the fact that it is impossible to find better natural materials for life and health. Moreover, modern disposable tableware made of paper has become more perfect and safe. As a rule, in its production, glue is no longer used, and bonding occurs due to thermal or ultrasonic treatment of the protective laminating layer applied to the surface of the cardboard, which at the same time makes the workpiece much stronger and more reliable.

The scope of disposable cardboard containers is practically unlimited. Today, in addition to the usual forms, for example, ice cream cups or cold drinks, they are used in vending machines for serving coffee or tea, they are Packed with fast food, porridge, mashed potatoes, noodles that require heat treatment with boiling water. And at the same time, the quality of the disposable container is not inferior to analogues of polystyrene or polypropylene, surpassing them in safety for the human body. In recent years, an increasing number of manufacturers of food semi-finished products, snack products, owners of catering enterprises such as fast foods, representatives of airlines and rail carriers are switching to paper dining requisites, considering this option the most acceptable and profitable for themselves. Including from the point of view of advertising.

The fact that paper is an ideal advertising medium has been known since time immemorial. Today, plates, cups and containers made of this material becomes an element not only functional, but also representative. Placing its own logo on a paper Cup, the company emphasizes its status, while not spending much money and getting high-quality advertising. Here is a simple example, when in a supermarket, Park or cinema visitor buys popcorn, and receives a colorful and original promotional product in the form of packaging. The audience for this kind of advertising, in fact, is very diverse and wide. Conventional paper tableware allows the manufacturer to combine the reliability, environmental safety and quality of storage of the product, and to present it to the buyer, and therefore give information about yourself with minimal cost.

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